Hot Stamping

Plate Pro philosophy of the Hot Stamping Plate Production is: „No Compromise in Quality”.

Hot Stamping Plates

Plate Pro use the most modern machines according to the latest developments and we use special high quality row material from West-European producer. Plate Pro use high quality machines and materials but the prices are definitely better than West-European competitors. We make hot samping plate from 80 to 95 ShoreA hardness according to customer demand. 

Metal Hot Stamping Plates

Plate Pro use the most modern CNC technology and the a special engraving copper (German made) to produce our Hot Stamping Plates.

Silicon Hot Stamping Plates

Plate Pro produce with the most modern technology our Silicon Hot Stamping Plates. The applied silicon rubber has a very good heat resistance and long life time.

You can find with our Hot Stamping Plate decorated high quality cosmetic packaging materials and products in lots of cosmetic shops and shopping centres worldwide.

About us

The main activity of Plate Pro Ltd. is graphic preparation. The company has a history of 15 years, during which it has continuously expanded its activities. Our company has paid great attention to providing the highest quality with the most modern equipment’s.

If you would like to test our Hot Stamping Plate please feel free to contact us. 

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